RSPO certification ensures that the production of palm oil on certified plantations takes place in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and when establishing new plantations, it is ensured that no primary forest is cleared. These measures mean that the original forest in the areas is not cleared and it is ensured that the original wildlife and fauna are preserved.

In the production of palm oil, two types of oil are produced – the oil from the pulp, which is the main reason why the oil palms are grown and the oil extracted from the core of the fruit. The oil from the kernels is basically not suitable as food and therefore many efforts have been made in the last 30 years to find possible uses for the oil.

Among the products that palm kernel oil replaces are paraffins in soap and shampoo and carriers in pesticides for agriculture and in addition as one of the latest new products as a substitute for petrochemical lamp oil.

All products from PJ Nordic where palm oil is used are RSPO-certified and our entire consumption of palm oil is covered by RSPO Credits